January to March

Abbotts Lagoon; Simi Valley; LaQuinta;

Sienna Birthday, Camarillo; Feather River Canyon;

Lake Almanor; American River; Folsom Dam



Campus Commons; Bridgeport; Yuba River Wildflowers



Volcano: Black Chasm Cavern; Preston Reform School;

Marysville Motorcycle Races (Tori & Cameron);

Auburn: Hidden Falls; Red Bluff Round-up;

Jada's First Communion; Watsonville Reunion



Pacific Grove; Napa Mother's Day; Lake Almanor


Sisters' Birthday Bull Ride

Chico Celebration


North Carolina and Back

Sacramento to Asheville, NC;

Nineteen States: Seventeen Days


July to September

Campus Commons; Placer County Big Trees; Pacifica;

Sugar Pine Point, Tahoe; Amrerican River Confluence;

Ventura; Paradise Horse Riding; Pleasanton Birthday (Joyce)


October to December

Old Folks at McCloud; Yuba City Thanksgiving;

Jim's Birthday Lunch; Old Folks in Roseville



Campus Commons Moving; Yuba City Celebration;

Paradise Ice Skating; Paradise Home

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