Our Christmas celebration began

when Rachel flew into Sacramento

and took us out for a birthday and Christmas lunch:



After lunch I shared the latest pictures on the family website.

As soon as Rachel returned to the airport, we continued packing boxes

to move to our new home in Paradise. The only Christmas decorations were

Christmas cards and a flower that Jennifer sent us from Texas.



On Christmas Day, Maggie & Jason & Carson invited us and Joe and Jeff for dinner:




Ellen, Austin, Ashley, and Alex arrived

on the day after Christmas to enjoy our

final days in Sacramento before our move on the 30th.

We took pictures at the clubhouse and made a final visit to the playground:






Shannon kids Christmas 2016:



Everyone was curious about our new home in Paradise.

We hadn't moved in yet so we invited everyone to go ice skating at the Paradise ice rink

before a quick drive by the new house to take a peek from across the street.



After the ice skating and a peek at our new home, we enjoyed

the Butte Creek canyon view on the way to Chico for some pizza.



Later on, we opened our biggest Christmas present on December 30

when we moved into our new home in Paradise.

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