January to November

Joyce and Mike's New Year; Van Gogh Exhibit; Old Folks Roseville; Zoe's 80th; Old Folks Paradise; Colette's Pictures; Easter Paradise; 60th Reunion Watsonville; Mother's Day; Valley Springs; Mikayla & Tori Birthday; Woodland Horse Competition; Father's Day Bucks Lake; Ode from Ellen; Joyce's Birthday; Garden of Innocence; Creepy Concert with Carson; Care Net Donation; Oregon Visit; Dinner with Shane, Mikayla & Tori; Bev's 80th Birthday


Jeff & Veronica Wedding

Montana & Puerto Villarta


Reunion 2022

Pacific Grove, Santa Cruz, Watsonville, Corralitos


Jeff & Veronica Reception Montana

Paradise Valley, Livingston, Pine Creek Montana


Viking Cruise

Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary


Colette's Paintings & Sketches

Klamath Falls, Oregon



Paradise, Chico, Texas



San Jose birthday, Big Sur, Point Lobos, Seacliff. Santa Cruz, Santa Clara



Texas, Paradise, Montana


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