Jim Aldridge and Mike Marheineke planned a reunion for St. Francis H.S. alumni for Saturday, April 30. Barbara and I decided to join the fun arriving Friday afternoon. After a side trip to Pacific Grove...

...We joined class of '62 graduates along with Mike & Marie Marheineke at The Crow's Next in Santa Cruz: 

Saturday morning we gathered at St. Francis where the Principal, Patrick Lee, and two graduating seniors welcomed us then presented Golden (50 year) and Diamond (60 year) Reunion Diplomas to classes of  '62, '70, and '71. Patrick had actual diplomas modified for the occasion:

After the diploma ceremony, the seniors gave us a tour of the campus.  We were amazed at the facilities but even more impressed by the programs offered at our alma mater. The swimming pool was all that was left of the campus from the 60's and 70's. See the fantastic facilities and incredible programs yourself at:  When the tour ended, we gathered for lunch in the Art Room. Now alumni shared stories of the past and impressions from the tour creating so much excitement that some had to escape the noise to join the Zoom session scheduled for 1:00.

Class of '62: Jim Collins, George Stein, John Itzaina, Frank Kelly. Larry Mickartz posing before the Zoom session below:

The Zoom session was so successful that our classmate, Mike Perry, welcomed more sessions and offered a few tips on how to make the sessions even better. After the Zoom session, the class of '71 posed for a group picture:

The day ended at the Salesian Sisters' in Corralitos with Mass (Fathers John Itzaina, Vince Cotter, Ted Montemayor, Gael Sullivan, and Mel Trinidad concelebrating), followed by dinner and group pictures. I will post better pictures identifying the group when I receive them:

Norb Andrade, John Itzaina, George Stein, Mel Trinidad, Frank Kelly, Jim Aldridge, Mike Alvarez, Pat Rawson, Guillermo Colombetti, Fernando Micheli, Brian Kendrick, Ted Montemayor, Vince Cotter, Pat O'Driscoll, Mike Marheineke, Gael Sullivan, Marty Lastowski, Jose Luis Palacios, Jim Howe, Joe McCarthy ,Vic Suarez, Jim Collins 

Not in picture:

Vic Tousignant, Duane Tousignant, Tom Shively, Bernie Poggetti, Larry Mickartz

On Sunday, Vic and Glo Suarez hosted a brunch at their home. I will post pictures if available.

Click link in red to see pictures and read commentary on seminary days 1958 to 1970 with additional pictures and commentary by Dominic Vautier '60. Links on these pages will lead you to treasures including initiation stories and newsletters of the era.

Special thanks to Jim Aldridge and Mike Marheineke for the memories and good times at the 2022 St. Francis H.S. reunion.

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