Jeff & Veronica

Montana Reception

Who could resist a summer celebration in Montana? Jeff and Veronica led the way to their reception party:

Before the reception, family and friends journeyed and played on the way to Jeff & Veronica's home in Paradise Valley near Livingston. Jim, Barbara, and Joe wandered around Livingston and clicked a few pictures with the Sidler family by the Yellowstone River:

Rachel and Milan flew in just in time to pose for a picture by Jeff & Veronica's pond:

Jason, Maggie, and Carson drove through Oregon, Washington and Idaho with photo ops along the way:

The Acevedo family adventured from Ventura and stayed at a nearby KOA cabin before the reception:

Just before the big party, Veronica & Jeff took pictures with Veronica's family...

...then the Collins clan took over:

Collins Kids

Collins Sisters

Collins Grandkids


Rachel & Milan

Veronica & Jeff



Jennifer & Joe


On Sunday after the awesome party, we went to church then took a short hike near Paradise Valley at Pine Creek, then headed for Jackpot, Nevada, half way back to Paradise, CA:

The Montana celebration was over for now. To be continued another day...


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