Paradise party, Sycamore Pool Plunge, Mount Lassen


Seacliff Beach

January storm, Memories, Seacliff history, SS Palo Alto History,

Camp St. Francis, Pajaro Dunes, Maps



Paradise snow, Sacramento Kings game, Mike Shannon's 80th

March - May

Lou Gervais visit, LaSabla, Table Mountain wild flowers,

Lady Knights, Carson's tennis match, Zoe's Birthday in Fairfield,

Montana film production Rust; Joe's Birthday, Mother's Day in Auburn,

Carson's final concert, Cousin Joan with Tom; Jeff and Mikayla at Baylor  

Texas 2023

Las Vegas, Albuquerque, Melissa, McKinney, Buc-ee's, Blue Bonnets.

Alva Oklahoma, Alamosa Colorado, Salt Lake City


Carson's HS Graduation

Yuba City



Ellen and family at Billie Park and at Five Mile;

Jeff, Barbara & the Robots


Pajaro Dunes

A Collins Clan and Shannon Clan Reunion


August - October

Stanford, Mountain View, Roseville, Campbell, Cupertino,

Aņo Nuevo, Carmel, Wilder Ranch, Pacific Grove, Aptos,

Muir Woods, Henry Cowell, Santa Clara, Ventura, Camarillo


November - December

Sycamore pool, Thanksgiving, Shasta City with Joe and Bonnie




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