January to November

After admiring Joyce and Mike's New Year's Eve picture...

 ...we were ready to kick off the New Year with a trip to Puerto Vallarta for Jeff and Veronica's Wedding.

In February we celebrated Maggie's birthday with a trip to San Francisco to see the Immersive Van Gogh Exhibit. During the trip on BART from Concord to downtown San Francisco, we had time to read a Review of Van Gogh's life and an Introduction to the Exhibit. When we arrived at Fillmore West, we snapped a picture of the theater, asked some attendants about the show, and took a few more pictures of the interior.


Still, nothing could have prepared us for the immersive exhibit accompanied with classical music. As Van Gogh's animated brushstrokes recreated his masterpieces, we were totally surrounded by impressions of his work that moved up and down and all around us with variations of color and light. The pictures below cannot totally capture the experience but give some impressions of it. In the 60's this would have been a 'groovy lightshow'.

After the show, we hiked up Van Ness for lunch at Mel's and back to reality as we wandered through homeless groups in the tenderloin on the way back to BART. The Van Gogh show was a great birthday celebration of light. The walk back to BART was a reminder of Van Gogh's dark days.


A few days later the Old Folks gathered at Bill & Lana's:




Zoe's 80th:



Back row: Aislynne, Hunter, Zoe, Parker

Front: Madeline, Sami (Samantha) Schwartz, Reese



Back row: Christian (Aislynne boyfriend), Aislynne, Hunter, Tony, David, Parker

Front: Rhiannon (Hunter girlfriend), Reese, Zoe, Mike, Sami, Madeline. Heather, Marla





The Old Folks gathered in Paradise for lunch. We recalled many of Colette's sketches and paintings:







We were just starting to enjoy spring when a hail storm reminded us that winter was not far behind us:



Later in April, we drove to Watsonville for my 60th high school reunion.



By May, we were ready to celebrate Mother's Day...



...take a ride past the Sidler's former home in Valley Springs...



...celebrate Mikayla's and Tori's birthdays...



...and check out Tori's horse competition in Woodland:



Father's Day followed with a trip to Buck's Lake near Quincy...



...and an Ode from Ellen about years ago:



In July we were back on the road again; this time to celebrate Jeff and Veronica's wedding reception in Montana.


After our Viking Cruise in August, we celebrated Joyce's birthday in Fairfield:





In October we helped at Garden Of Innocence events like the one we attended in 2018. See also.


Just before Halloween we attended River Valley High School's Creepy Concert with Carson playing the Bass.




A few days later I joined the Knights in presenting a check to the Care Net, our local pregnancy support center:



Close to Craig and Colette's anniversary we journeyed past the snow capped Mt. Shasta to Klamath Falls for a short visit and another peek at Colette's pictures and sketches.





We joined Shane, Mikayla and Tori a few days before Thanksgiving and took pictures of them with Tori's truck:







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