2. Simi Valley to Tucson Arizona

Simi Valley to Yuma, Arizona

Yuma Arizona to Tucson to New Mexico

Day Two: We were up early on the 14th. Since the Grand Vista didnít offer a free breakfast we pulled through a nearby MacDonaldís for a carbohydrate overload. I asked a trucker parked next to me if I had to stop at scales along the way to Texas. He advised me to do so and told me to pull through the loaded lane at the designated speed. I pretended I was a veteran at the stops along the way. Soon we were on our way to our first stop in Tucson, a minimum 8 hour trip that would take close to ten hours by the time we made a few stops. Jennifer took all four kids in the Honda. I drove the truck, and Barbara drove solo in our Prius. I used our GPS in the truck to find my way. With no GPS, Barbara lost track of me when the GPS directed me to break away from I-10 to Highway 86 and I-8 to Yuma down by the Mexican border. Barbara rejoined me north of Tucson where I-10 and I-8 converged and followed me to the motel. Jennifer arrived first since the truck couldnít keep up with her. We all enjoyed a fine steak dinner together compliments of Jenniferís father-in-law, Harry. We celebrated with the happy hour special, two glasses of wine for the price of one, to relax after the first dayís challenging journey.

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