14. Wichita to North Platte, Nebraska

The only side trip on Day 14 was a lunch stop in Stockton, Kansas. Tired of speeding across the rolling hills of Kansas with alternating patches of wheat and vast acres of corn, we pulled off to a town with a familiar California name. It was a Sunday afternoon so the town was almost deserted. We passed a little Mexican restaurant at the edge of town then drove down Main Street to see what else was open. Everything was closed, so we returned to the restaurant for better or for worse. A bunch of cars were parked in the weed patch that served as a parking lot. The inside and outside was painted with small, gaudy murals of everything Mexican. The bright colors were in sharp relief with the browns and grays that covered the dusty town that had seen better days. The best part came when we ordered some enchiladas and a couple of beers. Those enchiladas would match the best that California has to offer. Our waitress told us about the murals she had painted in memory of her home in Mexico.

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