Avoid preaching the Gospel?

Ban other Gospels?

Baptize Infants?

Believe in a just war?

Believe in a Second Coming?

Believe in Angels?

Believe in Apostolic Succession?

Believe in Confession (Reconciliation)?

Believe in Evolution?

Believe in Only Four Gospels?

Believe in individuals receiving special revelations?

Believe in Indulgences?

Believe in Jesus' Resurrection?

Believe in Mary as Queen of Heaven?

Believe in Miracles?

Believe in Mortal and Venial Sins?

Believe in ordaining Priests?

Believe in Original Sin?

Believe in Peter's authority?

Believe in Private Revelation?

Believe in Purgatory?

Believe in Salvation by Works?

Believe in 'Seven Deadly Sins'?

Believe in Seven Sacraments?

Believe in so many rules?

Believe in the Bible and in Sacred Tradition?

Believe in the Devil and Demons?

Believe in the Papacy (Popes)?

Believe in the Sacrament of Confirmation?

Believe in the Trinity?

Believe Strange Things about God's Revelation of Himself?

Believe Strange Things about Heaven?

Believe Strange Things about the End Times (Last Judgment)?

Believe that a Loving God sends People to Hell?

Believe that Abortion and Embryonic Stem Cell Research are Wrong?

Believe that Apostolic Succession is in the Bible?

Believe that Confirmation came from the Bible?

Believe that Contraception is Wrong?

Believe that divorce is a sin?

Believe that God Allows Evil?

Believe that Jesus is God?

Believe that Jesus is Sacrificed again at Every Mass?

Believe that Jesus Rose from the Dead?

Believe that Mary always Remained a Virgin?

Believe that Mary is the Mother of God?

Believe that Mary Magdalene is a Saint?

Believe that Mary was Assumed into Heaven?

Believe that Mary was without Sin?

Believe that only Catholics can be saved?

Believe that Penance is based on the Bible?

Believe that Peter's Authority was not challenged by Paul?

Believe that Popes and Councils can Define Doctrine?

Believe that Priests must be Celibate?

Believe that relics are so holy?

Believe that the Bible alone is not Sufficient?

Believe that the Bible has 73 books?

Believe that the Catholic Church is Unique?

Believe that the Eucharist is Really the Body and Blood of Christ?

Believe that the Pope is Infallible?

Believe that the Sacraments are so special?

Believe that they are 'Born Again'?

Believe that you can Lose Your Salvation?

Believe the Bible came from their Church?

Call their Priests 'Father'

Communicate with the Dead?

Condemn Homosexuality?

Condemn those who believe in the Bible alone?

Confess Sins to a Priest?

Deny the Rapture?

Distinguish between mortal and venial sin?

Follow so many traditions?

Forbid the ordination of women?

Genuflect in Church?

Have bishops?

Have Crucifixes

Have extra books in their Bible?

Have Religious Orders?

Have so many rituals?

Have So Many Sinners

Have strange beliefs about God revealing Himself?

Have to Attend Mass on Sundays and other Holy Days?

Make such a big deal about Mary?

Make such a big deal about the Pope?

Make the Sign of the Cross?

Observe Lent?

Oppose Euthanasia?

Oppose the Death Penalty?

Oppose the Ordination of Women?

Oppose the Protestant view of the Millennium?

Oppose working on Sundays?

Pray for the Dead?

Pray Repetitious Prayers?

Pray the Rosary?

Pray to the Angels and the Saints?

Put Ashes on Their Foreheads?

Receive the Sacraments?

Reject the Born Again Experience?

Reject the DaVinci Code's version of Mary Magdalene?

Reject the idea the all Christians are Saints?

Reject the Thousand Year Reign of Christ (Millennium)?

Sin so much?

Speak in Tongues?

Stop non-Catholics from Receiving the Eucharist?

Stress the Last Judgment?

Teach Salvation by Works?

Think the Catholic Church is unique?

Use Apologetics?

Use Holy Water?

Worship Relics?

Worship Saints?

Worship Statues?