Why Do Catholics Believe Strange Things about the End Times? *


The startling visions of the prophet Daniel, whose apocalyptic language is echoed in Revelation, have provided grist for many a mill of "end times" speculation. Though a number of the book's passages seem to refer to events now in the past, others clearly point toward "the end of days" (Dn 12:13).


Nevertheless, given the cryptic and often symbolic nature of these and related biblical texts, the countless interpretations of them often contradict one another. So the Catholic Church warns believers to avoid futile speculation on the matter. What, then, can we know for certain about the end of the world?


Here's a summary of the essentials of the Church teaching from the Catechism:

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*Quoted from The New Catholic Answer Bible. Wichita, Kansas, Fireside Catholic Publishing, 2005. www.firesidecatholic.com


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