January to April

The Sidler family kicked off 2003 playing in the snow...

...then returned to Manteca to play in the sun...

Meanwhile, the Old Folks journeyed to Monterey for a golf tournament

and a couple of nights stay in the nearby PG&E lodging.

The golf game needed some work, but the exclusive buffet

at the Aquarium, the golf tournament banquet,

and a trip to Pebble Beach were worth the trip.

In March Wyatt celebrated his third birthday near the Sacramento Zoo

riding a horse, spinning in a tea cup, and flying an airplane:

In April, Helena enjoyed her first Easter egg hunt in our backyard at Yuba City.

Wyatt filled his basket like a pro while Helena figured out what this was all about.

With her Mom's help she filled her basket then sat down to lick the colored dye off the eggs.

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