The Acevedo Clan arrived first and had time to feed the ducks and check out the frozen puddles before everyone else arrived:


Before dinner Austin and Carson played in the park and dug dinosaur bones:



Then it was time to put the dinner together and to carve the turkey.

Meanwhile, Arnie checked out the drumstick and Ellen and Joe posed for pictures.


After dinner, Grandpa Jim and Helena blew out birthday cake candles together:


Then there was time for fun and games.


On Friday we met Maggie and Carson at the Yuba City Burger King on the way to Chico...


...then we visited Joe's (Jeff & Shane's) where Ashley discovered a toy horse.

The next stop was to see Kim & Che and Jada, and her new baby sister, Alexa.




Back in Yuba City Jason made pizza while the children played:

It had been a great Thanksgiving.


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