The sun was rising as we approached Puntarenas

As we disembarked, we hoped for a great day on the rain forest tram

After a short bus ride we boarded the tram with our native Costa Rican guide

She told us all about the rain forest as we looked below.

Then she gave us a walking tour through the forest that had been far below us.

We were excited to see the tropical birds and flowers.

We hiked up some hills and saw an iguana near a picnic table. Then our guide showed us a cashew fruit.


The rain forest's snakes were safely behind glass, but some workers carried sticks with hooks in case shakes cam near our path.


After a great lunch of aroz con pollo we took the bus back to Puntarenas. We saw crocodiles as we traveled on a bridge across a river.

We could hear the songs of colorful birds in the trees around us.

Back in Puntarenas we looked for some refreshment

The local brew is excellent and safer than drinking the water

We even found a nearby store to refill our water bottles

Then it was time to board the ship once again.

After we sampled our refilled water bottles, we went to dinner and then to the evening show.

Once again, strange animals appeared on our beds.


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