A Prayer of Repentance Explained


O my God: I acknowledge God as the one, all-powerful God, who created me, loves me, and wants me to be part of His family forever.


I am heartily sorry: I am truly sorry from the bottom of my heart.


For having offended you: I acknowledge that I have broken Godís rules and show respect to Him and His rules.


And I detest all my sins: I despise any and all of my actions against Godís rules, failing in love of God or my neighbor. I take responsibility for my actions.


Because of your just punishments: I realize that God is all-powerful and can impose eternal consequences for not following His rules.


But, most of all, because they offend you, my God: I am sorry, first of all, because I have offended my loving Father, God, and I want to be a loving member of His family.


Who are all good: God alone is perfectly good. I acknowledge that He is the All-Good, Holy God.


And deserving of all my love: God deserves my love because He is my loving Father, God.


I firmly resolve: I solemnly promise


With the help of your grace: I wonít be able in my weakness to keep my promises, so I ask Godís special help and blessing to keep them.


To sin no more: I intend not to violate Godís rules again.


And to avoid the near occasions of sin: To show my sincerity of heart, I will make every effort to avoid anything that might cause me to break the same rules or any other of Godís rules again.