January-February 2010 Celebrations

Mikayla showed off her Hawaiian treat for Trixie, the family dog,

while Tori looked skeptically at Grandpa’s attempt at a Scooby Doo pancake.


I think I did a better job on Mikayla’s Mickey Mouse.


I little while later more grandkids gathered to feed the ducks.


Tori and Mikayla led the charge…

…with Carson, Helena, Sienna, and Wyatt close behind…

The ducks were loving it…

…and so were we…

Next, it was time to invade the playground…

…followed by snacks and cake for Grandma’s birthday, our first celebration.

Our next celebration was Ashley’s baptism in February.

We discovered Ashley’s boat at the Ventura Harbor before joining the Acevedo family…

…where we found Ashley enjoying one of the donuts

 that Rachel brought then Ellen dressing her for the occasion.

Austin wasn’t thrilled with wearing a tie until cousin Carson showed up.

Excitement mounted before the priest arrived.


Godparents, Jason and Maggie, provided a calming influence.


Still, the priest wasn’t convinced that the exorcism and anointing had taken effect until…

…the water of Baptism was poured.


Then everyone could pose and smile…

…then celebrate and crash at the local Irish pub.



Before heading back to Sacramento we visited

 Desert Palms to celebrate Joe’s Congressional award.

Palm Desert with snow on the mountain peaks and Joe’s condo behind.


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