January to March 2018

We greeted the New Year with a toast and card games

February brought a hail and snow highlighting the front yard and our backyard before a transformation:


The neighbors also enjoyed the snowfall:

February also brought a special job advancement for Rachel with Microsoft...


...and a new car for Joe

Later that month the retaining wall project began as I put together

a new rototiller and started to put down retaining wall blocks


But we still had time to celebrate Lois & Lou's 50th Anniversary...

...just before Barbara broke her elbow while walking Charlie in Yuba City.

Charlie was ready to take Barbara for a walk.

She wanted to take a turn and give everyone a rest.



One unexpected pull put her and her elbow down on a neighbor's lawn.

A collision with the bender board in the flower bed broke her elbow.

The doctors at UC Davis did a great job repairing a nasty break.


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