Rachel, and her boyfriend, David, arrived Saturday afternoon, followed by Joe.




We had an early dinner at Buckeye’s Restaurant, then attended the Easter Vigil. On Easter Morning Dave, Rachel, and Joe joined us at Easter Mass. After Mass we showed Dave (from Mountain View) the local sights: Stumpy Meadows and Uncle Tom’s Cabin. We returned just in time to greet the Sidler clan. The Sidler girls (Jennifer, Helena, and Sienna) posed for the picture below.



Helena proudly hugs her little sister, Sienna; Wyatt gathering Easter Eggs.


A short time later, Jason, Maggie, and Carson arrived just in time for the Easter Egg Hunt.



Carson raced to find Easter Eggs; then helped water the violets.


After a fabulous Easter dinner (lamb, ham, scalloped potatoes, asparagus, salad, challah bread, angel food cake and strawberries) we headed for the playgrounds at some of the local schools.



Carson rode a tricycle; while Helena twirled and danced



and Wyatt hit the slides with Helena


We returned to the Monastery and said goodbye to everyone.




Barbara held Sienna one last time; Helena held my hand back to the family car.


Maggie and Jason picked up Carson and his toys.  Everyone headed for home. Barbara and I collapsed.  It was a great Easter.


One week later, Arnie, Ellen, & Austin visit Grandma & Grandpa then travel to Chico to celebrate Jeff's birthday:



                  Austin's Easter Picture; Decorating cupcakes in Chico...




Cupcakes for Daddy's Birthday Party; Daddy & Victoria; with Aunt Rachel



Carson and Austin bouncing with Mikayla; Resting with Lady


Story time with Grandpa


A few more Easter photos below:









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