Barbara and I arrived early Sunday morning, September 12, to venerate the relics of St. John Bosco.

At 6:00 in the morning bright spotlights lit up the front of St. Peter and Paul Church

 against the dark, foggy sky.



As we entered the church we could see about 100 parishioners near the relics. Fr. “Jack” Giacomini knelt in the front pew nearest Don Bosco. As he approached the relics to end his veneration, I asked him to pose for a picture that I would share with Fr. Occhio in a few weeks. When he moved closer to the relics, he squeezed my hand tightly and reminded me that he, Fr. Occhio, and several others had come to the United States about 70 years ago.



A while later, Dave Lorentz, his wife, Kathy, and a nun joined us in the veneration. I had invited local Don Bosco College alumni to be sure that Don Bosco had company from 6:00 to 7:00 in the morning. Soon Gabe Crotti  and his wife, Patti, also joined us. We agreed to stay for the 7:30 Mass and to have breakfast together later.


Just before the Mass began, Fr. Oliveri entered the sanctuary. He seemed to glow with excitement.



Dave Lorentz approached him to congratulate him on his jubilee

 and to take a picture by Don Bosco’s relics.



In the evening before the 5:00 Jubilee Celebration Mass, I caught up with my classmate, Pastor Fr. John Itzaina. He was happy to pose with Don Bosco’s relics.



Then I cornered Fr. John Malloy to pose with Don Bosco for a picture for Fr. Occhio.



During the Mass, Fr. Tim Ploch called the jubiliarians to the sanctuary

 to renew the promises of their ordination.


Frs. Olivieri, Lenti, and Giacomini stood by the altar

while Fr. Malloy stood near the ambo




Then Fr. Tim asked them to gather near the relics of Don Bosco to make their renewal.



Fr. Mario Rosso joined them in the renewal of his 70 years of Religious Profession along with

Fr. Bill Schafer for his 60 years of religious Profession.



Many other Salesian priests joined in the concelebration from the front pews.





All the parishioners joined in the veneration with tremendous devotion and enthusiasm.







We were all blessed by being so close to Don Bosco.


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