The Christmas Celebration started in Chico on Christmas Eve.

We gathered at Jeff & Shane's for lots of fun.



While the children ran around the house and played in the bedrooms...



the adults gathered for pictures and Christmas cheer...



and Trixie and Gabby grabbed a bite to eat.



Then Louis played his guitar and passed out presents to the kids:



On Christmas Day we went to see Les Miserables with Rachel

then joined Joe and Maria at Marie Callender's for more Christmas cheer:



The following Friday we travelled to Santa Paul to visit the Acevedo clan:



Saturday found us in Simi Valley for another round of bowling with the Sidler family:



The hungry bowlers journeyed to a nearby buffet restaurant,

won mustaches in the quarter game machines,

then returned home to play with Emma.



On Sunday, we returned to Santa Paula for a pizza lunch

 and a side trip to a trampoline fun center:



A few day's later, our Soledad neighbors, Perry and Terry, invited us

to their New Year's Eve party where we broke even

on some games of chance.



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