Camp Fire: Canyon Neighborhood

Isolated by the Corona Virus, our main exercise consists in walking around our neighborhood and a few blocks away where houses once stood along the Feather River canyon. One new home under construction stands at the end of a block of empty lots where spectacular homes once stood. Now all that remains are partially cleared lots, fallen mailboxes, and abandoned swimming pools. 

Only one sign in many blocks is posted, a Notice and Order, telling the owner of the lot that it must be cleared since it presents a hazard to the entire area. The owners don't seem too concerned since most lots are abandoned and no fines had been assessed.

Springtime poppies contrast with a rusty truck (a family treasure) that survived the fire. A neighbor's driveway leads to nowhere. The cleared lot gives an open view of RV homes and new construction in the background. The neighbor behind us gathered brush and burned it during the wet weather.


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