Pope John Paul II considered his baptism the greatest moment in his life even surpassing his ordination to the priesthood, consecration as bishop and elevation to the papacy. I agree with him since without Baptism we haven't even gotten to first base. In Baptism we become children of Our Father, brothers and sisters of Jesus, and enter into a special relationship with the Holy Spirit. This is a foretaste of our eternal bond with the Trinity in heaven. Without it we really don't have a right to join the divine family after death. At infant baptisms our parents and godparents stand in for us. It is easy to lose the meaning of the sacrament in the midst of squirming, crying babies, and anxious parents. We should join Pope John Paul II in his appreciation of the moment when each baby joined our heavenly family. We should join his parents in helping our children to treasure their Baptism and to help them become good members of this special family.