August - October 2015

August ended with Joyce's birthday celebration:

A few weeks later in September we took a hike on the beach near the Golden Gate Bridge...

...then a trip to the Sierra and another hike with Bob and Nancy to a spot overlooking Serene Lake.

We joined Jason, Maggie, and Carson for our final hike in September to Folsom Lake:

In October we joined Jeff watching Tori and Cameron race motorcycles...

...then we headed to McCloud to join the 'Old Folks' for a few days.

We gathered at Bill and Lana's RV for meals and spirits. While Bill, Pat, Colette, and Craig

played golf, we toured downtown McCloud and the nearby museum with Lana and Bev.



I looked at the display on lenticular cloud formations while the girls checked out the vintage quilts.



Mt. Shasta stole the show everywhere we went.

Our pictures don't do it justice.

My favorite postcard picture (below) is better, but it still can't match the actual sight:



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