August 2021

On August 3 we celebrated Bill's 80th Birthday:

Brayden, Steve, Nicole, Kai, Bailee, Tina, Chris, Judy

Bill & Lana


Old Folks; Jada, Aaliyah, Kim, Alexa, Bev


Nicole, Brayden, Kai, Bailee, Aaliyah, Jada, Alexa, Tina, Kim



 Brayden, Kai, Bailee, Jada, Aaliyah, Alexa


Jada, Bill, Nicole, Aaliyah, Tina




It was a whirlwind trip to Carson City on Sunday to pick up a U-Haul truck for Jeff to load up household things in Chico. On Tuesday, Barbara and I drove the truck while Jeff with the family dogs (Charlie and Gibby) drove our Prius to Carson City to hook up a trailer to the truck and to pick up a hot tub in Carson City. Then we headed toward Jackpot, Nevada. Along the way, when a bike started to fall off the truck near Reno, Jeff caught up with us to secure the bike for the trip. Then it was smooth sailing to Jackpot.



On Wednesday, Jeff showed us some spectacular scenery on the way to Bozeman. There he would reunite with Veronica, Hunter, and Ever to stay at a friend's home until they could move into their new home in Livingston. Barbara and I dropped off the truck and trailer and headed back to Idaho Falls where we found a motel and an Applebee's for a late dinner. Thursday we drove to Winnemucca, spent the night, and made the final trek to Paradise on Friday in time for a doctor's appointment. A few days later Jeff and Veronica were settling into their Livingston home and Hunter and Ever were ready for their first day of school. Mission accomplished.




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