Christian Denominations

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Catholic Church JESUS CHRIST
Acts 2:1-4, 38-42
A.D. 33
Began in the upper room
at Jerusalem: Acts Chap. 2
Eastern Orthodox Michael Cerularius A.D. 1054
Antibaptist Wilheld Teubli A.D. 1480
Lutheran Martin Luther A.D. 1520
Episcopalian King Henry 8th A.D. 1534
Presbyterian John Calvin A.D. 1536
Congregational Robert Brown A.D. 1580
American Baptist Roger Williams A.D. 1640
Methodist John Wesley A.D. 1740
Campbellite Alexander Campbell A.D. 1827
Mormon Joseph Smith A.D. 1830
Seven-Day Adventist Mrs. James White A.D. 1860
Christian Science Mary Eddy A.D. 1884
Jehovah's Witness Charles Russell A.D. 1914
Assemblies of God Rev. Bell & others A.D. 1914
World Council of Churches

Heads of many denominations
pushing for the unity of all

Christian Churches.


A.D. 1948


Two distinct branches of Protestantism grew out of the Reformation. The evangelical churches in Germany and Scandinavia were followers of Martin Luther. The reformed churches in other countries were followers of John Calvin and Huldreich Zwingli. A third major branch, Episcopacy (Anglicans, Church of England, Episcopalians), developed in England. Several other groups sometimes called Protestant developed before the rise of Protestantism: Hussites, Lollardry, Waldenses. Protestantism has largely been adopted by the peoples of northwest Europe and their descendants, excepting the southern Germans, Irish, French, and Belgians; there have been important Protestant minorities in France, Bohemia, Hungary, and Poland.


Protestants (1517)

         Lutherans (1517)

                  -Crypto-Calvinists (1552)

         Calvinists (1536) Calvin and Zwingli

                  -Standard (Reformed) Calvinists

                  -Presbyterians (Knox) 1537

                  -(Dutch) Reformed Church (1537)

         Anabaptists (re-baptizers) 1525

                  -Mennonites (1536)

                  -Hutterian Brethren (1535)

                  -Swiss Brethren (1527)

                  -Swiss Free Church tradition (1525)

                  -Socinians (1550)

                  -Unitarians (1560)

         Anglican Communion--Episcopacy (1534)